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Who Am I? | Matthew 16

Even when our intentions are good, we can still be getting in the way of what God is doing.

This week, we study Matthew chapter 16. Let’s dig in!

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Jesus was pestered by the Pharisees over and over again to prove who he was.  Were they completely missing what all he had done?  Clearly, they had.  Every miraculous thing he did they just weren’t satisfied by.  They often said it was evil, blasphemous.  They were a distraction and Jesus warned his disciples about their teaching.  He likened it to yeast.  Yeast spread in the b read, eating up the sweet and grows.  It’s obvious when it works…the bread rises, and it only takes a little to get the job done. 


It’s interesting that Matthew tells of this next interaction after this warning.  They had made their way near Caesarea-Philippi (in the territory ruled by Philip, Herod Antipas’s brother, nice but decidedly not Jewish letting the pagan temples abound in this city).  The temple of Pan was located here.  I’ve seen the remnants.  It is impressive and quite beautiful.  It sits at the base of Mt. Hermon and hosts the largest spring that feeds he Jordan River. 


Perhaps that is why Jesus asked his disciples who people were saying he was.  They answered John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.  Jesus asks who they say he is.  Peter answers, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”  As us Baptists would say, that’s when Peter got saved!  It’s his profession of faith.  And Jesus says that Peter will be the rock that the church is built upon. 


Don’t you know that Peter just loved that?


And then Jesus calls him Satan.


Since they knew/were learning who Jesus was for real, he began to tell them about what was coming.  Peter said NO WAY.  He wouldn’t let this happen.  And this is when Jesus says, “Get thee behind me Satan!” That’s mountain top to rock bottom rather quickly for Peter.  Jesus was not being unkind.  Jesus was identifying Peter as a stumbling block.  It is understandable that Peter did not want this to happen. He did not want Jesus to die or suffer.  Being called Satan seems harsh, right? But Jesus’s point is do not get in the way of what I came to do.  Even when our intentions are good, we can still be getting in the way of what God is doing.


Temple of Pan and statues placed in the alcoves of lots of gods.Caesarea-Philippi

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