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Vacancy | Matthew 28

He is not here. He is risen. Just as he said

This week, we continue our study of Matthew 28. Let’s dig in!

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He is not here.

He has risen.

Just as he said.

Légō is the word used for as he said in Matthew 28:6. It originally means “lay down to sleep” and used later as “laying an argument to rest” i.e. brining a message to closure – moving to a conclusion – “laying it to rest”. 

Case.  Closed.

It is finished to just as he said. 

Wow.  Just wow. 

He had been telling them what would happen.  He told the disciples and they couldn’t understand.  They didn’t know what his words meant.  But now, as Mary brought the message everything clicked into focus.  The meaning and point amazingly clear.  Jesus just did the mic drop to end all mic drops.  I mean how can you argue with rising from the grave having been dead for three days?  He said he was going to do it.  And he did it.  Boom.

This should be comforting.  He is a God of his word.  And it makes me think of all the other things that have been just as he said.  Sure biblically, but what has he said to me?  What things have been just as he said?

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