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Unitards and Yoga

A year ago I decided I was going to try a bodysuit, as they are now called. Y’all -- it’s changed my life.
Emily Trotter and Helen Manderson, hosts of Nothin But Fine podcasts, smiling before going in to Yoga

I am a dancer.  And dancers dance.  Alright, so I grew up taking dance classes.  In my 20’s a choreographer told me politely that I moved well.  She couldn’t bring herself to call me a dancer.  She crossed her fingers and said a prayer that my partner would dance well enough for both of us.  (She ended up incredulously telling me that I actually looked good on stage and really pulled it off. Ha.)  All that to say that I have been acquainted with spandex since I was 5.  I am not “built” like a dancer. Although, I do have dancers’ feet with amazing turnout.  I was the little girl in her tights and leotard with a T-shirt over it.  I dreaded recital time because of the possibility of all that lycra with no coverage.  I vividly recall a lilac, spaghettistrapped unitard with a gauzy pink skirt.  I think I was in 5th grade.  That lilac was not a forgiving color.  I danced for two more years then said goodbye to leotards.   

I lived that life for thirty-ish years. Save the occasional use of smoothing/slimming undergarments and the one or two football games a year in 11th-12th grade when we had to wear a white body suit under our cheerleading uniform.  I did not miss the unitard.  I never wore anything remotely fitted to exercise.  I watched Jane Fonda aerobic videos in my youth, but I was not the one with all of that on in the gym.  No matter how cool I thought it looked.   

And then Yoga.  You know I wasn’t letting it all hang out in the yoga class.  So my movement did not have the freedom it could have had.  The constant rolling of leggings and T-shirts that inevitably ended up hanging over my face during down dog was infuriating and frustrating.  A year ago I decided I was going to try a bodysuit, as they are now called.  Y’all — it’s changed my life.  Beyond Yoga was my first one.  Their fabric is like BUTTER.  So yummy.  I threw on a slightly more fitted T-shirt over it and headed to class.  I think birds sang.  I didn’t fight with my pants one single time.  Now I have several: a shiny black ode to Jane Fonda, a short one, plain ol’ black of substantial fabric that really holds in well and a terrible one off Amazon that is completely useless (0/10 for that one). 

When I tell people I have a unitard on (yes, that is what I tell people…it does come up somehow) they laugh and think I am joking.  Jim Trotter thinks it’s hilarious.  But if you try it, you are never going back.  I’m actually less self-conscious in it.  Weird, right? 

The only word of warning I will give is that when you are sweaty and the fabric is thicker and you head to the bathroom you might feel a little like Ross from friends trying to get his leather pants up.  IYKYK. 

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