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I love Thanksgiving. Mostly for the food.
Folks gathered for Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  Mostly for the food.  Why is it that we only eat these specific foods at Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas?  Or is that just my family?  I guess part of it is the particular combination of food.  We will not have roasted or fried turkey, cornbread dressing (the only kind I care about), cranberry salad, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese all on the same table but this day.  It’s probably a good thing that this isn’t a normal menu for most of us.  That is part of the charm.  It is a definite piece of the nostalgia.  Some things get lost over time or leave because the one who made them passed away.  We will never have a coconut or chocolate pie the way my great-grandmother or grandmother made them again.  I can’t master the blasted seven minute icing.  There is an orange jello salad that my grandmother made that we all have the recipe to and none of us can get it right. 

There have been some good changes though.  Sometimes I can sneak some brussels sprouts on the table.  My mama changed up the sweet potato casserole when I was in college and it is a fan favorite.  Jim usually polices how much each person gets so he will be sure to have leftovers.  Jake Jr makes the absolute BEST macaroni and cheese.  My cranberry salad is a crowd pleaser, if I do say so myself. 

Gosh, I am looking forward to having these things in a few days.  But I look forward to the laughter around the table the most.  It’s just about the meal because it’s about everyone being at the table. 

I am a fan of Joy the Baker.  I follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter.  A few weeks ago she posted about the thanksgiving potluck she does, a friendsgiving kind of thing, and I just loved some of the tips she shared.  I thought you might, too. 

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