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Am I finally at the time in my life when breaks and vacations can start to be relaxing?
Emily's family in snowy Utah for Spring Break

Not that long ago I was lamenting the busyness of life and the current state of the world. Before that I was tired of always being a parent. Today I am enjoying and reflecting how much I like the teenage years. Weird, right? I’m sure we can chalk it up to I must be in a better mood today. That may be partially true. It’s spring break after all. A week of later alarm clocks and no lunch packing. That does alleviate part of the stress. And the change of scenery doesn’t hurt. When you aren’t in your own stuff you don’t have to constantly be worrying about what you should be doing. Currently housekeeping is cleaning the condo we are staying in. She’s made up the bed, stocked clean towels, wiped down the counters and straightened the boys’ messes while Jim and I are loving the view of snow-covered mountains and no pollen. All of this does prove to be a mood booster.

It does confirm my thought that not being in charge is part of my problem and why I am more stressed. Jim, too. I mean, duh. This isn’t a groundbreaking discovery to the need of rest and relaxation being good for you. I guess I am just slow to the party. Or am I just at the time in my life that breaks and vacations can start to be relaxing? I think this is true. I still do have to make sure everyone gets packed with the appropriate things and approve wardrobe choices. I only physically pack for 2 people now…well, maybe 2 ½ because Van is a terrible packer. He never packs underwear. For my brother’s out of town wedding he arrived with his suit (because it was with Jim’s) and that’s it. He wore chaco’s with it. Mind you I had packed with him, but he never put his bag in the car.

There is a definite off duty feel to my family traveling these days. Jim is left with most of the heavy lifting, but I think he likes it. We are all at his planning mercy. We have to go where he reserves. He is our activities director and concierge. I have a sweet deal, to be honest. He has good taste. These days it’s the boys with the activities and Jim and I spend most of the time just sitting, doing whatever we want to do. We mindlessly play stupid games with in-app purchases (ahem, some of us more than others…it’s me) or read or write or drink coffee. It truly is very nice.

Soon enough it will be time to pack up and head home. We will be back to the grind and the hectic end of school year madness. But summer is coming.

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