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What Is Let's Talk?

Join Emily and her guests as they talk about their everyday lives and unique experiences. Whether it’s funny banter, or a more vulnerable discussion with a special guest, you will feel like you’ve had a great conversation with old friends.


Meet Let's Talk's Co-Host Helen Manderson

Helen’s favorite color is rainbow. She sings, dances, writes poetry, reads a ton of sci-fi, and eats french fries whenever possible. Helen lives in Columbus, GA with her husband, their 2-year-old son, and the best dog, Hazel. She graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in theatre performance, and has a master’s in special education from Columbus State University. Helen’s life motto is “stay curious”, and her curiosity has lead her down many paths, both personally and professionally. She’s been an actor, a dancer, a teacher, a squirrel and wild bird rehabilitator, and now a podcaster! Helen hopes this podcast makes you laugh and gives you something to be curious about.

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