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One Year of Nothin But Fine

Time truly does fly when you are having fun.
Emily Trotter, host of Nothin But Fine podcast, sporting a Nothin But Fine shirt

Time truly does fly when you are having fun. I cannot believe we have been broadcasting for one whole year. Who knew we would stick around this long? Who knew there would be an audience that would not only stick with us, but grow?

This whole thing was born out of sheer luck. In the throes of Covid my church approached me about having an online study/conversation with our associate pastor. I said yes. I have always liked to perform, y’all know that. I also loved to teach my Bible study women and that had been abruptly stopped due to those initial lock downs. I missed my ladies. I missed being in corporate study and worship with my church family. I was so nervous those first few recordings. I wanted to sound relaxed and knowledgeable, and I was afraid that I sounded shaky and simple. But I loved it. I felt like I had found something that I was meant to do. The more I talked, the more comfortable I became.

So, I expanded. I began teaching my Bible study on Instagram and doing the incredibly uncomfortable thing of posting stories. At first I tried to look cute. I checked my hair, put on lipstick, made sure I at least had on a nice top. My outfits I recorded in got a little funkier and I discovered I needed readers to read my Bible. I had no idea my glasses would become such an integral part of “my brand.”

Yep, I just said my brand. The more time I spent on social media the more I realized I indeed had a brand. For some reason I felt that people cared about what I thought was funny or cute. At least the handful that followed me. The idea of branding is so strange when the thing you are selling is yourself. At its core, Nothin’ But Fine is me.

Nothin’ But Fine is about conversations. It is give and take. Of course I want you to know what I have to say…isn’t that the reason podcasts were invented? But I also want to hear what you have to say. The best parts of Coffee Talk are the bits that you guys reach out in DMs or comments or tagging or forwarding things that make you laugh. We love your suggestions and your feedback. Let’s Talk has been such an intimate space and it makes my heart sing to know that these topics and guests have meant something to you.

Bible Talk is perhaps the one that I long for more interaction! After all, it is the catalyst for why I began my empire. I have a hard time keeping my pride out of this one. I don’t mean thinking it’s great, I mean wanting it to do well for numbers sake. How many people am I reaching? How do I get to a point when I could sell out an arena? So embarrassing to see that in writing, but the thought is there in my mind. Way closer to the surface than I care to admit. The fact of the matter is that it does not matter what my reach is. If one person comes away with knowledge of God or a spark is lit or love or forgiveness or healing is begun, then that is enough. It’s really not about me, as much as I might want it to be.

So, I guess that’s why when Helen and I were talking on our year of review episode (#114) I found myself a little emotional. I have talked about a lot of things in the past year. I have laughed for sure, and I have also been pretty vulnerable at times. Luckily, I have had the mic to hide behind and we are not yet making videos. (That is a goal for next year. GULP.) My little studio is a safe place. I am incredibly proud of the work I am doing. It does feel weird for me to refer to what I am doing as work, but I know that it is. All that to say, thank you for being a part of a dream come true.

ICYMI: Coffee Talk, A Year in Review

In case you missed it, Emily and Helen reflect on the first year of the Nothin’ But fine podcast. Check out the episode below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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