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Ode to my Fridge

An accidental poem by Helen Manderson
women reaching into super messy refrigerator


My fridge is a microcosm of my house.  

There are things I need and use everyday,  

mixed with things I haven’t touched in years & need to throw away. 

There are things that don’t belong, things that shouldn’t be 

things that I don’t want anyone else to see. 

The butter is fresh. 

The OJ is not. 

There’s macaroni molding inside a pot. 

Oh, look a piece of bread! 

Why aren’t you in a bag? 

You are hard as a brick, that’s a total drag. 

We never have enough milk. 

We always have too many veggies. 

I wish I kept chickens so I never had to buy eggies. 

My fridge is a black hole for items covered in tin foil. 

Little space ships in the cold 

Just waiting around to spoil. 

Here’s to our fridges, 

the heavy lifters of the kitchen. 

Love them or hate them, 

what matters is what’s in them. 

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