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Meek is Might | Matthew 5:5

Choosing to submit to God opens up so much more.

Blessed are the meek; for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

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[1:42] Meek is not a word that we use very often.  At least I don’t.  I always think of baby Jesus for some reason, being meek and mild.  Is that in a Christmas song?  I also think of small children.  Why do I not think of adults?  Gentle is word I use more often.  They mean the same thing.  But what does that mean for us?  How do we be meek or gentle?  Why will they inherit the earth?

I should mention that all the beatitudes describe characteristics of Jesus.  He is telling us to be more like him in these ways.  Kay Arthur says this, “As you study the character traits in the Beatitudes, you can’t help but realize one thing:  These are by no means ‘natural’ qualities.  Where then do these supernatural traits come from?  They are woven in and through the fabric of our character on the loom of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit.  He is making our lives a tapestry that portrays the image of the living God.” (Lord, Only You Can Change Me)

How in the Holy Spirit do I go about working on this meek thing?  First of all, I have to remember that meek is not exactly what I think it is.  Meek right here means submission.  I know that being submissive is not exactly a thing that most people think is a good thing.  Especially women.  Men love to throw the wives submit to your husbands verse out on the regular.  Oh the patriarchy.  That verse in Ephesians (5:22 to be exact) is often taken out of context and no one reads what the husbands are to do.  (Ladies, they have quite the burden to bear, biblically speaking.) But I am here to make a case for submission.

[8:37] In Psalm 37:11 David has this to say, “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.”  I love when the Bible repeats itself…books and books apart with different speakers.  David says land which refers to the promised land of Canaan that started all the way back with Abraham in Genesis.  Jesus says earth because when he comes back the meek with indeed have the earth.  My friend Carrie Strickland, who I have quoted before on this land topic, says the significance of the land is that it is the place where God’s presence, power, and provision would overflow in the life of his people.  Peace, power and provision.  The meek are getting that because they have submitted to the Lord. 

Submission to God is a lot different to submitting to anything else.  It should also be the easiest to do.  Why?  Because God is sovereign and has all the answers anyway.  Might as well go along with what he says.  He knows all the details and has the best information to make the best decision.  Right?  Right.  Yet we are still given the choice to submit.  John MacArthur says that meekness is the supreme self-control.  I like this way of looking at it.  It is keeping yourself in check and going against what you might think or want to do in a situation because you know God’s way is better…even if you disagree.  You read that right.  You might disagree with God on a lot of things.  But you can still submit to him.  What a great conversation to have with the Lord.  Don’t you think he appreciates you doing what he directs even when you don’t like it or don’t think it is the best thing to do?  Think about your kids obeying you when you know full well they want to do something else.  It’s a good feeling.  They may even say that they understand why you wanted them to do it your way. 

[15:55] I have to choose to be submissive.  I have to choose to whom I will submit.  This is the beauty of free will.  God gives us this choice.  Wouldn’t it have been so much easier for him to just create us as mindless drones that followed directions perfectly?  Yes, it would.  But where is the joy in that?  Having followers that choose to follow is so much better than having followers that are there by force or don’t have the sense to know the difference.  But remember that God gives us a choice but also knows what we are going to choose. 

Mac Trotter loves vanilla ice cream.  If I give him a choice between vanilla ice cream or watermelon, he is going to choose the ice cream no question.  If I offer him vanilla ice cream or oreos…the choice gets harder, but I know he will still choose the vanilla ice cream.  I know because he is my son and I know what makes him tick.  I know more about him that anyone else.  I give him a choice, but I know what he will choose.  Most of the time at least because I am just his mother and not God. Ha.

The Passion Translation says that Jesus is saying that when you claim nothing as yours, everything will be given to you.  That is submission, realizing who is in charge and then acting like it.  This is not weakness.  This is power.  This is freedom.  Choosing to submit opens up so much more.  Submission brings the power, provision, presence, and peace of God.  What more could you ask for?


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