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Just Mary’s Son | Matthew 13:44-58

What is your unbelief keeping God from doing?

This week, we study Matthew chapter 13:44-58. Let’s dig in!

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The last verse of Matthew 13 does not mean that Jesus’s power has anything to do with us.  It wasn’t that Jesus couldn’t act in Nazareth.  He does not need us at all to be who he is or do what he can do.  It’s not like in the movie Elf when Santa’s sleigh can’t fly because there aren’t enough people that believe in him.  The belief is what makes the sleigh’s magic.  The people of Nazareth didn’t see miracles because they weren’t seeking them.  I’m saying that again.  They did not get the miracles because they weren’t seeking them.  They let what they thought they knew about who Jesus was keep them from experiencing who he actually was.  

Warren Wiersbe says they were too familiar with him in a human way, that they knew him according to the flesh.  Miracles belong to those willing to believe.  Willing to look past what you think you know. 

So what are you limiting God with?  What are you not bringing to the feet of Jesus?  What miracles or answers are you missing because you don’t think he can do it? 

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