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Jesus as JESUS | Matthew 17 Part 2

We know JESUS and not necessarily Jesus

This week, we study Matthew chapter 17. Let’s dig in!

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Oh to be on the mountain as Jesus becomes JESUS!  Peter, James and John get this opportunity.  He changed before their eyes.  He became his full self.  What a moment.  I mean.  We know Jesus as fully divine. This is the opposite of what we know about Jesus.  We know he was God in a bod.  We know that he came to earth to live a perfect life, to be the unblemished lamb sacrificed for our sin.  Yet, we didn’t get to see him in the flesh.  To Peter, James, and John he was the teacher they were following.  Yes, they saw his power in the miraculous things he did and heard the authority with which he spoke.  They believed he was the Son of God, but they had no idea what that looked like.  So we know JESUS and not necessarily Jesus. 


Jesus was already fulfilling his purpose.  His divine presence did not scare them or cause them to fall down or die like it would have in the Old Testament.  He was already standing in the gap between God the Father and humanity.  He was already giving access to the glory of the Lord.  And it was the best thing they had seen.  They didn’t run away from it.  Peter wanted to just move to the mountain with JESUS. He was very we live here now.  And Moses and Elijah were there.  Old friends together.  Then God speaks.  This checks all the boxes of a life changing event.  What a bummer to have to come down off the mountain.


Have you ever felt like that?  So much in the presence of the Lord, feeling the Holy Spirit hover and move, hearing God…everything just pales in comparison.  Why does it ever have to end?  I have good news.  That is heaven.  For real.  I hope you have had a glimpse into what is coming.  That’s what you hear older believers call being homesick.  Do you know that’s where you are going?

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