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Introducing…The Nothin’ But Fine! Blog

Ponderings, Musings. Random Thoughts.
Emily Totter, host of Nothin But Fine podcasts, holding her podcast mic

Here I am joining the rest of creation with a blog.  Surprisingly I have come to this point kind of kicking and screaming.  With a dash of eye rolling.  After all anyone can have a blog.  And a podcast.  I am not like everyone else.  I am not a bandwagon kind of gal. I am unique and interesting and so entertaining.  I am doing a service to humankind by putting my voice out there.  

And yet here I am.  Because, I think, you really like me.  (Humble tears)  This space will serve as a place that I jot down things.  I don’t think there will be a theme.  It will be very stream of consciousness and probably rabbit hole…ish.  Sometimes silly, sometimes serious.  Hopefully thought provoking.

Welcome!  I really am glad you are here. 

Nothin' But Fine Blog

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