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Fireworks, Boats, and a Spectacular 4th of July

Friends on a boat celebrating July 4th.

I love fireworks.

I love that you don’t even really need a reason to shoot them off.

I love that anyone can buy them. (This is a completely reckless rule in my opinion. I don’t buy them, but I appreciate all the folks that do.)

There is no better place to see how people have blown, literally, a paycheck than Panama City Beach, FL on the Fourth of July. I don’t know how many miles of beach there are in PCB, but come dark on July 4 you will see miles and miles of fireworks. And everyone is so appreciative of the shows that are being put on. The applause and shrieks of enjoyment are just the best. Rednecks supporting rednecks. Because let’s face it, setting off firecrackers on the beach brings out the redneck in all of us. Red solo cup in the air with a WOOHOO or a YEAH BUDDY is the only appropriate response.

From our vantage point on the west end of PCB we can see not only our neighbors shows, but the city’s on both public piers and Carillon and Rosemary Beach and Seaside displays. In tandem and then back-to-back big ones as the shows ebb and flow. Firecrackers have really advanced over the years. I mean how in the world do they get them to be in shapes? There are hearts and smiley faces and It just blows my mind that you can do that. Who can explain this to me? It’s just gunpowder, right? Is there a special way to pack it in the cardboard tube? I need answers.

A couple of years ago Jim bought a boat. He said that the marina he kept his boat in, Pirate’s Cove, had a fireworks show out in the marina. Did we want to go? I said yes, but I was skeptical. I don’t love boats. I really get motion sick. I mean so much so that a float in a rowdy pool will make me nauseated. The constant movement of waves….goodness I can just about make myself feel bad thinking about it. I wish I loved it. I like to fish and I know I would love to see the dreaded dolphins stealing all the fish off the hooks. Plus, fishing and being on the boat makes my favorite people so happy. You will never see Jim Trotter smile more than on the boat. He is determined to get me out there one day. But I don’t know. I mean they go out so far. You can’t see land. That really freaks me out. I can’t really pay attention to the fact that he takes my children out that far.

He does have a satellite phone. He called me on it once and it completely scared me to death. I just knew they were sinking. So, no more calls from 40 miles out. I digress. The show at the marina was top notch. It is a collaboration between Captain Anderson’s, Grand Marlin, and Pirate’s Cove at the entrance into the Grand Lagoon/West Bay. They load a barge with fireworks, and it floats in the water between the marinas. It is spectacular. Our first year it poured like cats and dogs, but we stuck it out and we had a blast. All the boats are pulled into their slips and music is going and snacks are being shared and everyone is patriotic. It is just the coolest thing. It’s little boats and big boats all mingled in. All sorts of people. All sorts of music. It is fantastic.

My Daddy was grilling sausages and hot dogs last year and was passing them out to anyone that stopped long enough. Boat people are very inclusive I have discovered. At least docked in the marina. The community there is supportive and accepting. They jump to help and make recommendations. They share a beverage. They talk about what they caught…although don’t ask them where they caught it. Fishermen are tight lipped about their “honey holes” as Jim calls them. This is another reason I would not be good at being on the boat. I would spill those beans so fast.

Mac is my only child that does not love fireworks. The noise is just too much for him. He would much rather be somewhere else. He doesn’t even like them with headphones on. I get it. It is complete sensory overload. Our dogs are ok. They are bird and hunting dogs so they are used to loud noises. Gus spends most of the time looking for the dead bird. Pep just goes to his bed. Dolly stays right by our side. We will see how Fig feels. My guess is that he will be mightily confused. Bless his little heart.