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Non-Baker Baking

I was feeling pretty confident about myself the day I signed up for a Bake From Scratch French baking retreat. I am comfortable in the

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Man people watching from beach house porch with binoculars.

People Watching at the Beach

Jim and I were sitting on the porch Saturday evening to admire the sunset as a pair of young ladies came down for a photoshoot. Harmless enough at first.

The first model was tame. Simple poses in her tiny pink cheeky bikini. Then her friend took a turn and my word this woman was almost naked. She put her backside toward the camera, stuck her behind out and lifted her cut up t-shirt to reveal her ENTIRE HINEY.

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Emily's family in snowy Utah for Spring Break


Am I finally at the time in my life when breaks and vacations can start to be relaxing?

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Emily Trotter and Helen Manderson, hosts of Nothin But Fine podcasts, smiling before going in to Yoga

Unitards and Yoga

A year ago I decided I was going to try a bodysuit, as they are now called. Y’all — it’s changed my life.

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