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I love a slow morning. I love to drink my coffee without a time frame. Those days are few and far between.
All the things it takes for women to get ready

Getting dressed is exhausting. The days that I can stay in workout clothes and putter around are the best days. I love a slow morning. I love to drink my coffee without a time frame. Those days are few and far between.  The longer I sit the harder it is to be motivated to do anything else. 

This quirk of mine is not appreciated by Jim.  He is not a savor-your-coffee-and-read kind of guy. He is ready to go.  It used to be an argument starter for us.  Now I just ignore him and he can go without me if he chooses.  He has been known to leave me strolling through an airport on his speed walk to the gate.  I used to get mad, now I just wait for him to figure out that I am not with him.  He is getting quicker in his realization time.  I think the trip that he got to the gate without his pregnant wife was a lightbulb moment. 

bathroom sink crowded with makeup, toothbrush, hairdryers, etc

Arguably, I am slow.  Am I getting lazier as I age?  Is it because I am tired?  I really don’t think so.  See, once I get going, I am fast.  Last week Jim and I were going on a date and we didn’t have reservations because we wanted to sit at the bar of this particular restaurant.  We like the aesthetic of that part of this particular restaurant.  (And the bartender.  He has just the right amount of snark and he pours a good drink. Justin at Marbella’s you are appreciated by the Trotters.)  I had assumed we would be leaving the house at 5:30. When Jim arrived home at 4:45 and discovered me soaking in the bathtub listening to Audible with wet hair I realized that assumption was wrong.  He asked me if I still wanted to go.  I emphatically responded yes and hit the drain.  At this point I think Jim thought we would have to amend out plans and end up at our other favorite bar spot that has nothing to do with aesthetic and everything to do with we love the bartenders (Will and Zach at Denim & Oak this is for you) and it is never crowded.  I digress.  In 25 minutes, I was ready to go with perfectly (that’s a stretch) coiffed hair and just the right amount of makeup in a good outfit.  Jim was again reminded that I will keep him on his toes and not to count me out. 

I think Jim does not realize how easy he has it.  I mean he can decide to get ready and in 15 minutes be out the door.  He always knows what he is wearing.  His hair never has to be dried.  He does not have a multiple step skincare/makeup process.  He literally uses no products other than deodorant and the occasional dab of moisturizer.  It must be nice to be so naturally handsome. 

For 19 years I have had to dress someone else as I was trying to dress myself.  I don’t know how that has evolved into drinking coffee, reading, or scrolling instead of getting ready in a non-hurried state.  But here we are.  I’m off to hurriedly shower and get dressed to be somewhere.

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