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Among Us | Matthew 13:24-43

Practice what you preach

This week, we study Matthew chapter 13:24-43. Let’s dig in!

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Is there anything worse than having to practice what you preach?

Of course, there is, but when you have been encouraging folks to just trust God and his timing, to keep the faith, pray about it then you actually have to follow your own advice?  Man that is tough.  Periodically I have to remind myself of what God has promised.  And that his definitions are not necessarily the same as mine.  When I fuss at him that he said it would be fine, he usually answers, “It is fine.”  He’s right of course.  It is.  I just want it to be better and he didn’t promise that.  He also did not give me a timeline or a due date. So, I have to practice what I preach.  I have to have faith and wait for God to do what he is going to do. 

Matthew 13 has a parable about the tares and the wheat.  The story goes that a man sowed good seed in his field, but his enemy came in at night and sowed some tares amongst the wheat.  As it grew it looked just like the wheat until the wheat sprouted and bore grain.  At this point it was obvious that there had been some bad seed sown.  The man knew his seed was good.  He knew that an enemy must have come behind him and sown the bad.  This late in the growing season there was nothing that could be done.  If he had attempted to pull up the tares he would run the risk of also pulling up the wheat.  The only option was to leave it and hope for the best. 

Not only does the bad mingle in with the good, but sometimes it has to stay there.  Sometimes you don’t even recognize the bad until too late.  The good news is that even though the tares might cause some issue to the wheat, it doesn’t change the wheat.  It does not change the outcome.  In the end the wheat ends up fulfilling its purpose and the tares end up in the burn pile.  Just as it was supposed to. 

Stay the course.  Even if you are crowded by things that distract and crowd and tempt you to do the wrong thing.  Wheat will always be wheat.  Tares will always burn.


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