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Emily Trotter, host of Nothin' But Fine podcast

About Nothin' But Fine

It's Calming.
It's Nothin' But Fine.

Nothin’ But Fine is something my Popa used to say. No matter what he was facing he was always nothin but fine. What I’ve learned is that nothin but fine is the best thing to be. It is being content. It is being comfortable with who you are in any given circumstance. It is knowing you are okay no matter what. For me it is believing that my God has my best interest at heart and come what may I am going to be fine. It is calming. It is Nothin’ But Fine.

Nothin' But Fine Podcasts

Two unique podcasts - fall in love with God's Word, enjoy candid conversations and have plenty of laughs!

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Bible Talk

Emily Trotter has a teaching style all her own. Tune in for a fun, but educational dive into God’s Word. Bible Talk will encourage you into a deeper understanding of your relationship with Christ.
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Let's Talk

People are interesting! We all have a story to tell. Emily Trotter talks to everyday, fascinating people. Feels a little like “who are the people in your neighborhood”…

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About Emily Trotter

Emily Trotter is a college educated theatre major turned wife and mother turned…whatever this is. She grew up in a (southern gospel) musical family that put her backstage in some of the best venues in the country. Clearly the performance gene is in her blood! And so is the subject of the southern gospel roots. Emily is just a girl (okay, woman) who has found the best way to live her life as a follower of Christ. She doesn’t have it all figured out so don’t expect her to solve all your problems. She does have good insight though and she may not make your problems go away, but she will at least make you laugh and feel like you are not alone.